Veg Michigan & VegFest Vegetarian Taste Fest & Expo Huge Turnout!

I am very excited to see how many people turned out today for the VegFest in Novi. This was my first time attending this event and I was really impressed with the amount of support and interest there is in our area in regards to a natural pursuit to health. There were local growers & local cooks of various types of foods, many wonderful restaurants, acupuncture trials (offered by my friends from Acupuncture Health Care Associates of Michigan ), cardiac exams, chiropractic alignment exams, massages and more. I am so excited to see the amount of people in Michigan looking for more healthful alternatives to our every day needs! I even won a door prize! I am hoping to show some type of support for this next year and I hope to see some of you there as well! Here is to happy, healthy options!

Herbal Baby vs In Vitro Fertilization

Resolve ( is a fantastic organization for families suffering from infertility to turn to for support. According to one of the articles posted by Resolve, at this time, there are only 15 states with insurance mandates covering costs associated with infertility. A single round of IVF averages around $10,000 and that is really just one chance. While IVF can be successful for many families, it often requires more than one round, so the bills can stack up quickly (even with just paying insurance co-pays).

The cost of Herbal Baby includes a three-month supply. So, you get three chances to increase your fertility $150. Plus, Herbal Baby is all natural and helpful for the body. We have even seen results of Herbal Baby carry on after use is discontinued! Sometimes you just need to get the product in your system to help your body regulate enough to kick in on its own!  Whether you are looking for an alternative to IVF or something to naturally compliment other fertility strategies, Herbal Baby might be for you.

Guys: They’re Important Too!

Infertility is notably a woman’s issue … But, interestingly, studies report nearly 30% of reported infertility cases to be caused by a factor usually associated with sperm production, sperm blockages, and/or sperm delivery.

When a woman undergoes a fertility evaluation, her partner should do his part by having a semen analysis.  Needless to say, testing for a woman is more invasive than for a man.

Consensus says, you should try to conceive once a day to every other day, optimally, around ovulation.  Too many times in one day can decrease the chances of successful conception due to low sperm count as the sperm may not have enough time to regenerate.  On the other hand, abstaining in an effort to ‘save up’ sperm is not optimal as the quality of the sperm decreases after three days without release.  Make sure to tell your partner not to masturbate on days that you are trying as this will lower the number of sperm when it comes to trying to create your little miracle.

Some products and/or conditions that can negatively affect sperm include: smoking, excessive use of alcohol and some recreational drugs, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalances, liver or kidney failure, un-descended testicle, nutrient deficiencies, and some medications.

Try to avoid excessive heat to avoid potentially negatively affecting sperm count. Here are some examples of things you will want to avoid: snug underwear, laptops actually sitting on your lap, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and long bike rides.

I certainly hope this information is helpful. In addition to the suggestions here, the Herbal Baby Resource Guide (that accompanies Herbal Baby) offers some herbal suggestions to help enhance male fertility.  Best wishes!

Herbal Baby Ella Born Today!!!!

A health baby girl named Ella was born today weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long.  Both mom and baby are doing great! We are so happy for Ella and her proud parents. Ella was conceived during the first month of her mom using Herbal Baby. We look forward to hearing your exciting success stories and as always, please send us pictures, testimonials, and birth announcements so we can encourage lots of families to have healthy Herbal Babies.

When Should I See A Doctor About Fertility?

Answers to this question seem to vary from doctor to doctor.  However, the following is what I have gathered in my research and speaking with an OBGYN who specializes in infertility. If you are younger than 35 years old it seems to be normal to try on your own up to one year. If after a year you are unsuccessful conceiving then it may be time to start speaking with your OBGYN about fertility steps. If you are over 35 years old the average time to try on your own seems to be up to six months. With age as a factor for varying fertility reasons and concerns, it is not encouraged to wait longer than six months to speak with an OBGYN about fertility and possibly testing to identify any underlying issues.

There are certainly a lot of variables with the basic age brackets laid out above. If you are experiencing abnormal periods, missing periods, painful periods you should not wait as long as those who are having a normal cycle. Timing also may vary depending on whether or not you were using some method of birth control  prior to trying to conceive.

I don’t think it hurts to speak with a fertility specialist, in fact, I encourage it. The Herbal Baby Resource Guide offers many ideas and suggestions of herbs and products to try for different issues or problems. Knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle. Herbal Baby and Resource Guide are available for those of you who want to find the solution in an alternative, non-medical way.

Water, Water Everywhere!!

Our bodies are comprised of roughly 60% water! What’s more, a fetus, up to 32 weeks gestation, is more than 80% water and surrounded by an ocean of amniotic fluid!! Water is integral to the function of our: blood, lymph, digestive juices, urine, tears, and sweat. Water is minimally necessary for circulation, digestion, absorption, and elimination.

Despite its importance, most people do not drink enough water. According to many sources, we should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces every day. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking 75 ounces or 9 ½ glasses of water in an 8 oz glass. So what happens when the body is dehydrated?  Well, most easily said, the body cannot function at optimal capacity.  While I have not seen a study done linking proper hydration and fertility, it seems logical to keep hydrated for optimal body function.

Some people prefer to have highly filtered water. is a great website to purchase a reverse osmosis system for your household. The system comes with a kit that allows you to test the percentage of items that are actually being filtered out of your water.

Pour a glass (or ten) and toast to good health!

The Virtues of Castor Oil!

Castor oil is a remarkable aid for women with fertility issues, cysts, endometriosis, painful menstruation, and/or history of miscarriage.  This is strictly for external use. You can buy castor oil individually or in a pack at Whole Foods or nearly any health food store. Directions may vary; however, this is how I was taught.

Spread oil liberally on skin over pubic bone to below navel and from edges of pubic bone (roughly one side to the other side of your torso). Oil should be thick, but not so thick that it is dripping all over the place. Place the flannel material that comes in the pack over the oil. Cover that with plastic wrap so the oil doesn’t seep through. Use a heating pad on top of the plastic wrap for 30-60 minutes 3-8 consecutive days and/or as necessary. If you have a very hot or moist heating pad you may want to add a towel over the plastic wrap and under the heating pad to keep the heating pad from getting your body too hot.

You can use this after: birth, surgeries, and/or miscarriage. You can use this with the hope to help shrink a cyst or tumor and relieve endometriosis and/or painful menstruation. Generally, it is not recommended to use the castor oil pack during menstruation.

Benefits of Simply Bouncing!

It may sound odd, but Mini Trampolines are excellent for your health. While training with a Native American medicine man, I was introduced to the idea of using a trampoline for health, not just exercise. Using a trampoline offers several specific benefits; including aiding the lymphatic system, circulatory system, immune system, toning muscles, adding oxygen to the body, and so much more.