I had previously had no trouble conceiving my two sons. Each of them had taken me only a couple months each to conceive. I had been in my late twenties, and early thirties at the time they were conceived and born. At age 34 my husband and I hoped for one more baby. It took me about eight months to conceive, what seemed like a very long time to me. We were ecstatic! Sadly I contracted parvo virus and our new baby was stillborn at 24 weeks. After what seemed like tons and tons of blood work, the results of why we had lost the baby was clear. The parvo virus had taken over my placenta and was throughout the baby’s blood. The hardest and most dark time of my life.

Through the grace of God and time, we were able to begin a very slow healing process, and slowly we were finding ourselves ready to try again. After almost a year of trying at age 35, and a few months of acupuncture it was suggested to me that I check out this wonderful website, getthatbaby.com. I had been on clomid for eight months without any success, and months of side effects. I had never skipped a cycle in my life until being on clomid. During those months on clomid I found myself without a cycle for two months. I had been reading about herbs and going the natural route, and so when Herbal Baby was suggested, I was extremely excited. I started taking Herbal Baby October 2010, and that very month my cycle started like clock work. This was very surprising to me since that was also my first month off of clomid. I took Herbal Baby for the next four months. That fourth month, I became pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! I strongly feel that Herbal Baby played a major role as far as getting my body back to optimum health after losing our baby because of parvo virus at 24 months. That following year after he was stillborn, I found myself with crazy symptoms such as nausea, hot flashes, and headaches. As soon as I started taking Herbal Baby, I felt an over all healthiness, and the hot flashes had completely gone away! My doctor monitored me on the ultra sound to make sure I was ovulating, which I was.

Not only do I thank God for this pregnancy, but I am also so thankful for Herbal Baby, and Heather. Her genuine interest in my situation, and her genuine hope for our success, is strongly felt. She is truly someone that cares, and has taken her heart, and solid, researched knowledge and put it into Herbal Baby.


My journey to pregnancy began in July 2007, when I was surprised with a pregnancy and just a few weeks later, a miscarriage. After a few months, we decided to try again. I got pregnant in November 2007 and was followed by another miscarriage a few weeks later. We started trying again in spring of 2008 and unfortunately, ended up with an ectopic pregnancy in late summer.

We started trying again in September, October and November of 2008 and with no luck. I took the Herbal Baby tincture in early December right before my ovulation cycle. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later in early January of 2009.

I continued taking the Herbal Baby until Week 7 along with an anti-miscarriage tincture mix recipe that Heather provided.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing great, kicking up a storm! I truly believe that the tincture mixes helped me to have a healthy pregnancy thus far and I am very glad I met Heather!

- Yeimy

Thank you Heather for Herbal Baby, you made it so easy for me to take it. After awhile it didn’t taste too bad and it was easy to get in the habit of taking every day. The combination of your helpful advice and the tincture no doubt helped improve our chances. As I look at the ultra-sound pictures, I think of how grateful I am that I found out about the tincture. Thank you again!

- JJ

My husband and I began trying to get pregnant in June of 2008.  We did not succeed the first month, but were able to get pregnant the second month we tried.  After carrying the baby for 6-7 weeks, I ended up having a miscarriage.  We waited the recommended 3 cycles and began trying again.  Beginning in December we started trying again, and through April did not succeed at becoming pregnant. I had begun using the Basal Body Temperature charting method as well as Ovulation Predictor kits to no avail.

I happened to come across Heather and had a discussion regarding my failed attempts at becoming pregnant.  Heather began talking about an herbal tincture she had created that was used to help women become pregnant, herself included. I began using Herbal Baby on Day 1 of my next cycle, and would take 8 drops of the supplement each evening for the next 32 days. I found out I was pregnant on Day 33 of that month and could not be happier.  I accredit Herbal Baby with helping to prepare my body to become pregnant, and would recommend it to anyone who was facing similar problems.

- Michelle H.

As little girls we dream of having Prince Charming in our beds and Little ones in our arms. Some of us don’t have any trouble finding Prince Charming but getting the little ones is a struggle. I was 31 when I got married. I had a bad feeling about getting pregnant. I always thought I never had an oops in all these years… Something can’t be right. I started taking Herbal Baby the week after I got married. I always told my Prince Charming I can almost feel it working. Then I went to the Dr who told me it would be nearly impossible to conceive with out help. He said I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I was of course devastated. Well… I never stopped taking Herbal Baby… I kept telling Prince Charming it can’t hurt. Then 2 weeks after the Dr told me I was going to have trouble I got the flu. Ahhhh yes the “flu”….  After 5 days Prince Charming made me take a pregnancy test. I was pregnant with my daughter, Ellie. In the end I took Herbal Baby for 1 month. I know it worked for me! Prince Charming and I had never used any kind of contraceptive in the 3 years of our relationship.

Heather is by far the most extreme optimist I have ever met in my life. Her support during the whole process was not only needed, but required. We all have mom’s and friends to turn to, but having Heather was like having my own guardian angel guiding me to mommyhood. I may not have struggled long but once I was pregnant I feared loosing the baby. Heathers support was crucial when my head was emotional and unclear. Her knowledge helped me ask the Dr. the right questions to ensure I kept Ellie safe and happy.

- Jen H.

Herbal Baby is awesome!  I believe it is how I got pregnant so quickly.

I have had troubles with my cycle my entire adult life.  This summer, my husband and I decided that we wanted to start trying for a family.  This was going to be quite a daunting task given that fact that I hadn’t had a period in 3 months.  My doctor informed me that my progesterone and estrogen levels were low but that I wasn’t in a premenopausal state.  Thank GOD!  I’m only 31 years old!  She advised me to see a fertility specialist, which I did and left completely discouraged because of the lengthy and costly tests I was going to have to endure.  I decided on a different strategy.

I started taking Herbal Baby in the end of August 2009 and by September 25, 2009, I was pregnant.    I believe that Herbal baby helped to restore my body’s balance and allowed for me to conceive.  I love the fact that it’s all natural.  I don’t have to load up my body with any artificial or synthetic hormones.  God has given us everything we need on this earth in the form of plants and herbs to help our bodies naturally heal themselves.  Herbal Baby is one of these amazing gifts!

- Corey M.

My journey to pregnancy started 8 years ago! I was not conceiving very often throughout the 8 years, despite our constant efforts. I had roughly one pregnancy a year that lasted 5-7 weeks on average. Since I started  trying I have had a total of 8 miscarriages, including one ectopic pregnancy. I have undergone various fertility tests with the Dr. and the only notable issue he ever found was low progesterone which the Dr. didn’t really say was a problem.

When I started taking Herbal Baby I conceived after only 1 cycle. Unfortunately, that pregnancy turned out to be the ectopic one. I was told statistically, with the amount of pregnancies I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy was probable. My husband and I decided to take a break.

When I went back on Herbal Baby I conceived! I didn’t really keep track of how long I was taking it, but it was within one bottle’s worth of Herbal Baby! Finally, our dream came true, I had a pregnancy that stuck. My healthy baby girl was just born! I highly recommend any woman in a difficult or frustrating fertility situation to try it. Thank you Herbal Baby.

- S.